Bird Observer: The Birding Journal for New England

Bird Observer

The Birding Journal for New England

April 2015

Vol. 43, No. 2

Birds of the World: A New Exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Maude Baldwin

Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus; center, male; right, female). Males perform elaborate mating displays. (Credit: Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University; Copyright © President and Fellows of Harvard College)

For the birds—and for the birders

The Harvard Museum of Natural History’s new exhibit, Birds of the World, is designed for you. Vying for attention with the impressive hanging whales in the gallery above the Great Hall of Mammals and showcasing the global diversity of modern birdlife, the new exhibit occupies the same space as the former North American bird display. Although the location is the same, both the birds and the balcony have undergone a dramatic renovation. In addition to being redesigned, with all cabinets repainted and relit to appeal to the general museum-going public, the exhibit is also organized to serve as a resource for birders and biologists curious about the evolutionary relationships that connect groups they know and love.

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