Bird Observer: The Birding Journal for New England

Bird Observer

The Birding Journal for New England

April 2015

Vol. 43, No. 2

Bird Sightings: November/December 2014

Seth Kellogg,Marjorie W. Rines,and Robert H. Stymeist

November opened with a weekend storm, which turned into a nor'easter bringing the first snow of the season along with strong winds and some coastal flooding. Boston's snow quickly turned into rain, but snow piled up in southeastern Massachusetts, and some flooding closed roads in Plymouth County. Most of the month saw near normal temperatures. Boston averaged 42°, with the first freeze on November 15. The first major snowstorm occurred the day before Thanksgiving and dumped up to 16 inches in parts of the state. Many areas lost power, creating havoc for those preparing Thanksgiving festivities. Snowfall totals were highest in Franklin and Worcester counties, Hawley recorded 16 inches, and Royalston had 14 inches. Boston had only 2.6 inches of snow but 1.57 inches of rain during the Thanksgiving storm.

Thick-billed Murre by Sandy Selesky

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