Bird Observer: The Birding Journal for New England

Bird Observer

The Birding Journal for New England

February 2015

Vol. 43, No. 1

Bird Sightings: September/October 2014

Seth Kellogg,Marjorie W. Rines,and Robert H. Stymeist

The first six days of September averaged 88˚ with a high of 93˚ on September 2. A dramatic drop of 16˚ on September 7 was accompanied by a severe thunderstorm that uprooted many trees, caused power outages, and claimed the lives of two women who were struck by lightning at Crane Beach in Ipswich. Microbursts brought significant rainfall in Essex County, and the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Franklin County, but the Boston area escaped. Total precipitation for the month was only .07” almost three inches below normal. Summer made a comeback during the last weekend of the month with a high of 87˚ in Boston.

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