It's a New Day

February 2015

Vol. 43, No. 1

Photo Essay: More Highlights from the Maine Records Committee

This adult male Chestnut-collared Longspur frequented a small grassy area at the tip of East Point Sanctuary, Biddeford Pool, Biddeford, York County, Maine, June 22-28, 2012. Photo by Louis Bevier (June 23, 2012).

This Smith’s Longspur spent September 21-25, 2011 in a small weedy area of an abandoned sand and gravel quarry at Norridgewock, Somerset County, Maine. Photo by Louis Bevier (September 23, 2011).

This juvenile Le Conte’s Sparrow was present in a weedy farm field at Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland County, October 24 to November 6, 2010. Photo by Luke Seitz (October 25, 2010).

This adult male Bullock’s Oriole in a yard at Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine, November 4, 2012, stayed just long enough to be photographed. Photo by Jan Pierson.

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