Bird Observer: The Birding Journal for New England

Bird Observer

The Birding Journal for New England

June 2015

Vol. 43, No. 3

Bird Sightings: January/February 2015

Seth Kellogg,Marjorie W. Rines,and Robert H. Stymeist

The New Year started out warm with a high of 52° in Boston on January 4, but the average temperature for the month was only 26°, 3° below normal. The first bitter cold arrived early on January 8 when Boston recorded -1° with a high of just 19°, 17° below normal for that date. Pittsfield recorded -9° and with the wind chill it felt like 27° below. The season's first major snowfall on January 27 left up to nine inches in some areas, with Boston receiving 5.1 inches. Two days later classic conditions for a nor’easter were in place as the jet stream transported cold air from Canada to the Atlantic where it met warm air moving up the coast. High pressure over eastern Canada held the storm in place over New England. This storm left more than 30 inches of snow in Worcester and Middlesex counties and dropped over 23 inches in Boston making it the sixth biggest snowstorm since 1935. The entire island of Nantucket lost power when winds reached gusts of 78mph.

Wood Duck preening by Sandy Selesky

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