It's a New Day

June 2015

Vol. 43, No. 3

Photo Essay: "Soaring Birds" Artwork

 Snowy Owl

While our class took place in the fall, students were also interested in some of the spring and summer birds they saw in their field guides. For many of our students, opportunities to draw and sketch had been limited. But what we saw in their sketchbooks showed that for some drawing and sketching could be a powerful way to learn.


Students were excited to be able to identify birds in the harbor right near the school. Most had never looked closely at seabirds before.

 House sparrow

A quick sketch with colored pencils by one of our most enthusiastic birders.

Imaginary bird

We encouraged our students to take their field notebooks and field guides home—and we were also delighted by what came back.

Black Scoter

Students observed 24 species during our fall trips including all three scoter species.

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