August 2016

Vol. 44, No. 4

Hot Birds: August 2016

Bear Creek Sanctuary continues its campaign to be considered the state’s most magnetic spot for rare birds, following up records of Swainson’s Hawk last December, and Smith’s Longspur in January, with a Fork- tailed Flycatcher in June! Soheil Zendeh took the photo (above) on June 8.

A Gull-billed Tern at Plum Island, later joined by a second, drew many admiring birders after its initial discovery by Suzanne Sullivan on June 11. Liam Waters found two more at Wellfleet, and Peter Flood one more at Race Point, all around the same time. George Gove took the photo above.

Blair Nikula found an immature Franklin’s Gull (photo above) at Race Point on June 12 loafing among Laughing Gulls. At least eight species of terns were observed in the same vicinity. The gull was photographed again 11 days later in the same area.

Race Point is hosting another spectacular seabird show this summer. Eight tern species, including Royal, Gull-billed, and this Sandwich Tern (Peter Flood took the photo above on June 18), were documented along with Franklin’s and Little Gulls.

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