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Bird Observer

The Birding Journal for New England

December 2016

Vol. 44, No. 6

Placing and Protecting Barred Owl Nest Boxes

Alfred Maley

Gang of Four (Ralph, Alice, “Norton,” and Thelma). The young Barred Owls from the nest in the yard stopped by for a group shot before heading off on their summer vacation. Photograph taken through the slider by Alfred Maley.

In my previous articles on Barred Owl nest box construction (Maley 2010, 2015), I glossed over the placement of the box in a tree and providing protection from raccoons. This note describes a simple, safe way to get a box up in a tree and a relatively simple, easy-to-maintain flashing system to keep raccoons from taking over the nest box.

The problem of attaching the box to a tree is discussed in the previous articles, and two methods of doing so are described therein. Regardless of the method used, it is critical to have both hands free to perform this task. That means that, in addition to a safety belt that secures you to the tree, you will need a way to raise the box and secure it in position while you attach it.

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