Bird Observer - The New England Birding Journal

Bird Observer

The Birding Journal for New England

February 2016

Vol. 44, No. 1

At a Glance: December 2015 Revealed

Wayne R. Petersen

Photograph by David Clapp

We end the 43rd volume of Bird Observer with a long-legged wading bird as the mystery species. It is easy to establish that the featured species represents a long- legged wader—heron, bittern, egret, ibis, and so forth—and not a shorebird because shorebirds, which also have long legs, have pointed, falcon-shaped wings rather than the wide, rounded wings exhibited by the mystery bird. Sandhill Crane, an even longer- legged species, would also appear larger, lankier, and have a much longer neck, a thinner and more pointed bill, and would hold its neck straight in flight, not in a crook like that of the mystery bird.

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