Bird Observer - The New England Birding Journal

Bird Observer

The Birding Journal for New England

February 2016

Vol. 44, No. 1

Ronnie's Back Yard

Editor’s Note: The following article by Simon Perkins about Ronnie Donovan’s remarkable back yard appeared in Mass Audubon’s Sanctuary magazine in the fall of 2004, and is reprinted here with permission.

For years a man named Ronnie Donovan had been calling me about some of the more extraordinary birds that he’d seen in his backyard—Long-eared Owl, Blue Grosbeak, Summer Tanager, Dickcissel, Clay-colored Sparrow, Townsend’s Warbler, MacGillivray’s Warbler, Connecticut Warbler, Mourning Warbler, Hooded Warbler, Kentucky Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, a Yellow Warbler in January (the first and still-only midwinter record for the state), and, the real jaw-dropper, a Boreal Owl, a very rare miniature visitor from the northern spruce forests of Canada.

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