It's a New Day

June 2016

Vol. 44, No. 3

Bird Sightings: January-February 2016

Seth Kellogg, Marjorie W. Rines, and Robert H. Stymeist

January and February were warmer than usual with near normal rainfall and low snow accumulation. In January there were 19 days with above average temperatures and a high of 58° on January 10, 22° degrees above normal; the low was 8° on January 5. Rainfall measured 3.27 inches, slightly below the average, while snowfall in Boston was 9.5 inches, with 6.1 inches on January 23. On February 1, the mercury hit a balmy 65° in Boston, 29° degrees above average. There were 15 days in February with above normal temperatures. A deep freeze hit between February 12 and 15, and many areas saw the temperatures well below zero. Boston had a low of minus 9° on the 14th. Precipitation was near normal at 3.78 inches, and snowfall was 15 inches with most falling on February 5 and 9, each with 6.8 inches.

R. Stymeist

Sora, Ash Street Swamp, West Newbury by Dave Adrien.


Waterfowl through Alcids

Doves through Finches

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