June 2016

Vol. 44, No. 3

Zaps 44.3

Zaps are notes of awareness and pleas for action that appear in the corresponding print edition of Bird Observer. Here they are from the current issue.

Resighting Banded Common Loon Chicks

Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) is seeking help finding some banded birds and we are offering a reward for their resighting.

In 2015, seven common loon chicks were banded in Massachusetts as part of a movement and demographic study. These chicks have fledged and we are hoping to resight them off the southern New England coast over the next three years. We expect these loons to winter in the area of Buzzards Bay, but they could end up residing anywhere from Long Island Sound to Boston Harbor or beyond. In the spring and summer they might visit coastal lakes in southeastern Massachusetts.

These loons are banded with a silver band on the left leg and a unique combination of color bands with markings on the right leg.

Anyone who successfully reports a correct band combo for one of these birds, or provides information leading to our resighting of these birds, will be rewarded with the following: 

  • Acknowledgement in project reports and publications
  • BRI hat, stickers, loon poster, etc. 
  • Signed copy of the book Journey with the Loon by David Evers and Kate Taylor

Please report any findings to:

Resighting these birds will prove difficult and require a lot of luck, but the information gained would be incredibly valuable to our research. Please spread the word to fellow birders!

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