It's a New Day

February 2017

Vol. 45, No. 1

Birding My Patch: Daniel Boone Park in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Miles Brengle

Baker’s Pond at Daniel Boone Park. All photographs by the author.

I first discovered Daniel Boone Park as a young child when my friends and I would fish at Baker’s Pond. Here we caught tiny sunfish and, if we were lucky, the massive chain pickerel that we dubbed “King of the Pond.” Though at this time I was interested in birds, I didn’t keep any serious records besides some drawings in a spiral notebook. I do remember seeing the common birds while fishing: the crying catbirds, the ever-present Red-tailed Hawk, and even a Great Egret—a bird I wouldn’t see at the park for another five years! Back then, Boone was just a mediocre fishing destination to me.

What eventually revealed the magic of this little park was a birding trip with my father one Sunday evening in May 2012. We walked around the park in the last hour before sunset, and the sun’s golden rays lit everything in such wonderful light. Dozens upon dozens of red admiral butterflies fled from my footsteps on the trail, and the birds were out in full force.

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