It's a New Day

February 2018

Vol. 46, No. 1

At a Glance: December 2017 Revealed

Wayne R. Petersen

photo by Wayne R. Petersen

This issue's mystery photo bears a superficial resemblance to a floating log or some similarly-shaped floating debris, or possibly even a defunct military torpedo! However, in spite of my propensity for perversity in past photo quizzes (e.g., biting dipterid flies, upside-down images, or virtually-unidentifiable photos of species such as wood-pewees and crows), the bird in this image is indeed identifiable. And it should go without saying that the mystery bird is a waterbird that swims efficiently, unlike species such as frigatebirds and Sooty Terns or non-waterbirds like the swimming Wild Turkey chicks discussed in the August 2017 "At a Glance."

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