April 2019

Vol. 47, No. 2


Of the seven species of goose on the Massachusetts state list, Brant was the rarest this period; it was the only one that wasn't recorded. A Ross's Goose that spent a day in Egremont is the second record for Berkshire County; the first was in April 2017. A Pink-footed Goose was more obliging, spending a week in Ipswich in November. Pink-footed Goose was added to the state list in 1999 and, excluding a miss in 2013, has been recorded annually since 2009, with the lion's share coming from Essex County. Cackling Geese were well distributed with records from 10 counties, which is a new high for the period.

Two family groups of Tundra Swans that were photographed this period are the first December records since 2014. This tundra-nesting species is less than annual to the state and generally appears any time from November through April, with March perhaps being your best chance of finding one.