It's a New Day

June 2019

Vol. 47, No. 3

Bygone Birds: Historical Highlights for January-February

Neil Hayward


January–February 2014

A Golden Eagle spent the second half of February at the south end of Quabbin Reservoir. Elsewhere, the story was of lingering birds: a Mew Gull on Nantucket stayed until January 1, the Harris’s Sparrow in Wenham lasted until January 11, and the long-staying Bullock’s Oriole first discovered visiting feeders in Chelmsford on November 15 was last seen on January 25. A Yellow-headed Blackbird was reliable throughout the period in the Cumberland Farm fields, and Western Tanagers were reported from Gloucester and Truro.

Best sighting: The Ross’s Goose found in Ipswich on Christmas Day 2013 stayed until New Year’s Day, making it onto many birders’ 2014 year lists.


January–February 2009

A Pink-footed Goose present at Sider’s Pond in Falmouth from January 12–15 was the second record for the state, coming 10 years after the first in Dennis. Pacific Loons were one-day wonders at Wellfleet and Race Point. An Eared Grebe in Falmouth continued until January 16. A Slaty-backed Gull present at Turners Falls for a week in February was the first inland record for the state. White-winged Crossbills seemed to be everywhere, including more than 150 birds on Plum Island. Feeder birds included a continuing Summer Tanager in Orleans, and a Yellow-headed Blackbird in Salisbury.

Best sighting: an adult Ivory Gull was found on January 17 at Eastern Point, the first record since 1985. Three days later, a second adult was found at Plymouth.

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