It's a New Day

June 2019

Vol. 47, No. 3

Feminist Bird Club

Karla Noboa

Participants in the Feminist Bird Club at Castle Island. Photograph by Megan Billman.

The Feminist Bird Club was started in October of 2016 by Molly Adams, when she piqued her friends’ interest in what she was doing on the outskirts of NYC during fall migration. When a female jogger was murdered in Queens near a hot spot where Molly would often go birding solo, she felt compelled to create a group in which all birders could support one another in a welcoming and safe environment. The mission of the Feminist Bird Club is to promote diversity in birding and provide a safe opportunity to connect with the natural world in urban environments while fund-raising to protect the rights of women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and people of color. It quickly attracted others and the Feminist Bird Club was born.

The Feminist Bird Club Boston chapter began in 2017 when I wanted to learn more about birding but found the birding world to be intimidating and overwhelming. I felt out of place and as an education outreach professional, I wanted to do something about my situation that could benefit others as well. I wanted to create a space where anyone felt welcome and excited to explore an interest in birds and the natural sciences.

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