It's a New Day

August 2020

Vol. 48, No. 4

Birding Safely and Sanely During the Pandemic of Spring 2020

Bird Observer Staff and Board Members

East Falmouth Covid-19 Birding Surprises and Delights

Nate Marchessault

The last several months of 2020 have resulted in drastic changes for us all, including changes to our birding routines. As someone accustomed to driving relatively long distances to go birding, I found the concept of distance quickly morphed into one that was hyperlocal. Driving more than twenty minutes seemed too far and the ideal distance gave me just enough time to gulp down a cup of coffee in the morning. Being a relatively new resident of East Falmouth, I had an abundance of new locations to explore, and one of the greatest surprises to me was the sheer quantity and the size of some of these areas.

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