August 2021

Vol. 49, No. 4

Bygone Birds: Historical Highlights for March-April

Neil Hayward


March–April 2016

Three White-faced Ibises—a new high count for the state—were in Ipswich in April. Up to two Mew Gulls were present at Race Point in March. Four Yellow-throated Warblers were reported, with the earliest found on March 27. The Mountain Bluebird in Falmouth continued until March 22. Yellow-headed Blackbirds were reported from Cumberland Farms and West Harwich.

Best sighting: the first-for-Massachusetts Yellow-billed Loon continued at Race Point, Provincetown, from February 27 until April 2 and was accompanied by up to two Pacific Loons, allowing some observers to experience a “four loon day.”


March–April 2011

An Eared Grebe was found in Chatham on March 26. A White-faced Ibis that was discovered at Plum Island on April 22 ended its visit (and its life) in the talons of a Peregrine Falcon. A Mississippi Kite was spotted over Truro on April 23. A Mew Gull continued in Lynn until March 8. The three Monk Parakeets were adding nesting material to their East Boston home in April. A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was a one-day wonder on Plum Island on April 29. The Harris’s Sparrow continued on Duxbury Beach until April 28. Four Hoary Redpolls were identified among the many large redpoll flocks during this period.

Best sighting: five Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in Duxbury on April 29 represented the second state record.

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