August 2017

Vol. 45, No. 4

Hot Birds: August 2017

Lynn Abbey discovered a Ruff at Mass Audubon’s Allen’s Pond Sanctuary on May 11. Many birders observed it in the vicinity through May 16. Bob Stymeist took the photograph above.

Paul Roberts spotted a Scissor­-tailed Flycatcher speeding past the Plum Island Hawk Watch on May 20. A couple of weeks after that, Elana Price photographed another one at Mass Audubon’s Moose Hill Sanctuary. Both were one­-day wonders, but Elana’s bird stuck around for at least a few hours and was seen by the lucky birders who got there quickly enough. Marshall Iliff took the photo above.

A Purple Gallinule found on Nantucket on May 27 by Janette Vohs was relocated the next day by a few birders but was gone the day after that. Janette took the photo above.

Larry Therrien found a Golden-­winged Warbler singing near the Quabbin Reservoir on May 31. It initially gave hope that it might be singing on territory and planning to stay, but on June 2 the bird flew away and was not seen again. Larry took the photo above.

Joe Bourget found a second-­cycle Franklin’s Gull at Race Point June 2. This turned out to be just the first; extensive photography and discussion of plumages indicated that four or more individuals were present at various times throughout most of the month of June. Peter Flood took the photo above.

A Mississippi Kite that arrived over the Province Lands Visitor Center on June 4 was joined after a short time by two others, and the trio soared over Provincetown for a while before departing. Sean Williams took the photo above.

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