August 2017

Vol. 45, No. 4

Bird Sightings: March-April 2017

Neil Hayward and Robert H. Stymeist

Ruby-throated Hummingbird by Richard Johnson

March arrived like a lamb with a high of 63°, the highest temperature recorded for the month, but it quickly dropped to a low of 21° on March 4. The average for March was 34°, four degrees below the norm. Rainfall in Boston totaled 4.18 inches, just a tad under normal with the most falling during the nor’easter on March 13–14. Snowfall totaled 10.1 inches in Boston, most of which fell in two back-to-back storms on March 10 and 13–14. The powerful nor’easter on March 13–14 buried Worcester and much of the area north and west of Boston with total snowfall approaching two feet. Cape Cod, the Vineyard, and the south coast escaped with about three inches that changed to rain early in the storm. The weather was generally dreary with some rain each day from March 24 through the end of the month.

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